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APRIL 2014
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APRIL 2014


Registration fee is $65 until March 15th, 2014

March 16th - April 1st fee is $70

April 2nd - April 20th fee is $80

As of 3-15-14 - $15 of every online registration will be earmarked and donated to the

You're registering for the April 26th, 2014 Buffalo Wild Wings Winnie Wars - Read the entire page - then register


Buffalo Wild Wings Winnie Wars

Is the first and only COLOR, MUD, FOAM OCR in the US!



Run, walk or crawl in this adventure mud run that is like no other.  Why waste your time and money for a few hay bales, climbing ropes and mud holes? Come enjoy an event that is being called the Disneyland of all mudruns. You will run, climb over or carry something through passenger planes, school buses and tunnels that come out God knows where. You will battle your way past swinging punching bags , traverse rock walls, 20,000 lb ship fenders, bungee webs or crawl out of a 30 ft long foam pit! You might also find yourself trying to get back to the future, as you dodge black-powder rifle and cannon fire from Civil War units locked in the throws of battle.  Who knows!
This is the 6th WWIII.5  event. Our faithful Mud Minions will tell you, they are never the same. Come prepared for ANYTHING! 




  • There are no refunds on registrations- In the event that you are unable to attend after you register online, you may contact us via e-mail ( with the information of a replacement participant. There will be no changes within 30 days of the event.

Safety policy –

Jenesis Events reserves the right to cancel, postpone or reschedule an event for any of the following reasons:

Severe Weather – Any significant change in the weather that causes a substantial risk of injury to any one person (ie. Participants, volunteers, staff or spectators), delay or disruption of emergency response over the entire event area, damage to property (land, vehicle or equipment) or disruption of goods and services within 72 hrs of scheduled event.  

Significant weather change can be defined as – rainfall (1.5” +) , snow, damaging winds, hurricanes, lightning, wildfire, hard freeze, flooding or extreme heat conditions. 

Terrorism – Any specific threat that has been reported to law enforcement officials and is found to be credible. 

Low participation – A minimum number of pre-registrations must be met prior to each event. This participation level must meet a minimum of 1/4 of the overall number of participants expected for the event or that of the total number of participants in attendance at the last event of the same design.

THERE ARE NO REFUNDS - If an event is resheduled your registration will automatically be transferred to the recheduled event date. If you're unable to attend that event, you will be allowed to transfer your registration to another person. 

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